All Egyptian industrial companies with this following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Egyptian Registered industrial small, medium and large companies all over Egypt
  • Companies which developed and implemented a marketable innovation (no prototype, idea or laboratory specimen)
  • Product or Process innovations in the market for not longer than 5 years
  • Companies from all industrial sectors
  • Innovations that lead to higher profits, saved costs, job creation and exports’ promotion

Assessment criteria:

Having fulfilled the eligibility criteria, the innovations will be assessed based on the following blocks:
  • Knowledge
  • Novelty
  • Implementation
  • Value creation

Business innovation activities of companies will be evaluated to identify the company’s innovation structure.

Evaluation criteria is developed in accordance with the 4th edition of Oslo manual (a guideline published by the OECD for collecting, reporting, and using data on innovation).

The Award will give the opportunity to benefit from the following

  • Get recognized as an innovation driven company within the Egyptian industry
  • Identify your company’s position among other innovative companies in the Egyptian industry
  • Final shortlisted companies attend workshops and trainings delivered by professional innovation consultants
  • Final shortlisted companies get a networking opportunity through exhibiting their innovations in the Awarding ceremony
  • Winners get access to the needed technical assistance to expand and grow their company

Award Prizes


Trophy & Certificate


Publicity for the company and its innovation


Consultancy services


Business trip to Germany or another European country

February 10, 2019

Launching The Award

Ebtaker award is announced by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

February 10, 2019

Release Of The Application Form

Fill in the application form online through the website on this link


Download the file and send it to the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (PSME) Project office:

10 Etehad El Mohameen El Arab Street (former El Tolombat) Cairo-Garden City | Egypt

June 16, 2019

Companies’ Presentation

Companies passed the application step are contacted to prepare a short presentation on their implemented innovation (product or process) to be evaluated by the Award consultants


July 21, 2019

Announcing The Finalists

Companies passed the presentations step are announced and contacted to receive coaching on presentation skills and innovation delivered by professional innovation consultants.

December 2019

Awarding Ceremony

  • Final companies present their innovations in front of the grand jury and a big audience
  • Final companies participate in the Award exhibition to showcase their innovation and network.
  • Winners are announced
To apply for the Ebtaker award please
fill in this form
Download it and send it to the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (PSME) Project office:
10 Etehad El Mohameen El Arab Street (former El Tolombat) Cairo-Garden City | Egypt

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