2019 Award

The Industrial Innovation Award | Ebtaker

was launched for the first time in February 2019 aiming to acknowledge and support Egyptian industrial companies with an implemented product or process innovation that had led to higher profits, cost savings, job creation or exports promotion.

Application and Shortlisting Phase

Between February and April 2019, a large number of Egyptian companies from different industrial sectors and governorates participated and submitted their applications.

Their innovations were assessed based on 4 main criteria:

  • Knowledge: Existence of an organizational structure to support innovation and improvement in staff management, operational system, supply chain system, amount of expenditure on innovation activities…etc.
  • Novelty: New ideas in the Egyptian or global markets 
  • Implementation: The innovation takes into consideration all the following aspects: Economic, Social and Environmental impact in creating a product that is not only good for the company but for the community.
  • Value Creation: The innovation increases the percentage of exports, targets new market segments and can gain a competitive advantage.

Between June and July 2019, companies that passed the application phase were contacted to prepare a short presentation on their implemented innovation and were evaluated by a committee of Award consultants.

Finalists Phase

In July 2019, 11 finalist companies were selected and announced for the final phase. The companies received coaching sessions on presentation skills and product development which were delivered by professional innovation consultants.

The 11 finalist companies were:

Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony was held in December 2019 where the final companies pitched their innovations in front of the grand jury members whom were:

  • Professor Ahmed Gaber, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Cairo University and Chairman of Chemonics Egypt.
  • Professor Utz Dornberger, Director of the International SEPT Program at the University of Leipzig and the Founder of in4in-Network (Intelligence for Innovation).
  • Ms. Minoush Abdel-Meguid,  Managing Director and Cofounder of Union Capital Partners.
  • Dr. Suzan Hamdy, The Head of the Capital Markets Group at Banque Misr.
  • Eng. Emad Ghaly,  CEO of Siemens Egypt.

Four companies were selected as winners of The Industrial Innovation Award | Ebtaker 2019 and they are: MEVAC, Primo-cat and RUBEX selected by the jury members and CUBII selected by the audience. See below for more information about the winners and their innovations.

Award Prizes


Trophy & Certificate


Publicity for the company and its innovation


Consultancy services


Business trip to Germany or another European country


Stay tuned for The Industrial Innovation Award | Ebtaker 2020……..


CUBII is a Mansoura based company that was established in 2009 to serve the food sector. CUBII manufactures machines by using stainless steel 304L\316L that is internationally standardized to help in the production of liquid goods such as dairy, juices, and oils. Their vision is pinpointed around the cleanliness of food production in Egypt and offering affordable prices for companies. Through their innovation, they have created solutions that help companies increase their productivity of well sanitized products that directly impact the end consumer

ME VAC is a facility for veterinary vaccines production with international accreditations “GOOD Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO 9001, ISO 18001, and ISO 14001”. ME VAC officially launched in 2011 with an Egyptian American partnership, utilizing the most recent global technologies in vaccines production with international quality standards, and has more than 220 employees. The company is providing its innovative strategic products and services (Avian Influenza Vaccines, Newcastle Disease Vaccines, infectious Bronchitis, Foot, and Mouth Disease Vaccines) in more than 10 countries and will reach around 30 countries by 2030.

Primocat is an Egyptian paints company established in 2008. Primocat provides computer-based painting for all needs and has successfully localized the computer paint industry by providing a range of products including coloring systems and ready-made paint products. Primocat aims to provide the highest quality of paints to its customers with the lowest cost and the highest accuracy. The company vision is geared towards innovation and continuous development.

Rubex for Plastics and Acrylic is a joint stock company founded in 1987 in Borg Al Arab, Alexandria. It is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the production of plastic and acrylic and has an integrated factory complex with 16 independent factories. The factories operate in the fields of plastic and acrylic and related industries such glass shaping, electroplating, and the production of sanitary ware products such as bathtubs and shower cabins. The company exports to the international market across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia.

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